Thursday, May 16, 2013

Past: It's done.

“Kids, you can’t cling to the past. Because no matter how tightly you hold on…it’s already gone”

If I ever had the chance to go back to the past, the things I want to do is I don’t want to meet you, loving you, care about you, thinking of you so that I won’t get hurt in the future, as I feel right now. I’m not regretting the past that I have go through, I just thinking that, if I had the chance to change, I will.

“How can you move on, when everything that you want in the future is at the 

Those two sentences keep playing in my mind at all times. I want to hold you tight. Tight enough so that you can’t run away from me. But at some point, I’m afraid that if I do that, you will get hurt. And I slowly let you go. And I’m now regretting the action that I have made. Peoples said that never let go the things that you can’t live with. But, how can you hold someone that doesn’t even bother if you are in their life or not?

Kadang-kadang, pilihan yang kita buat tak semestinya beri manfaat pada kita. Dan dalam kita tak sedar, kadang-kadang, pilihan yang kita buat akan lukakan hati kita sendiri tetapi dalam masa yang sama tindakan kita sebenarnya membahagiakan orang lain.

Best friends once told me “burung dalam sangkar kadang-kadang perlu dibiarkan bebas, biar dia cari apa yang dia nak. Kalau dia tahu orang yang dia cari dalam hidup dia ialah kau, dia akan kembali. And if he doesn’t, just let it be”

dan aku, masih menunggu 'burung' itu kembali.

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